We are Countywide

Countywide Carting LTD provides reliable, cost-efficient solid waste removal and recycling for commercial to residential properties. Renowned for its focus on customer service and responsiveness, the company has worked with businesses, municipalities, and homeowners in Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties since 2006.

Countywide Cares

Environmentally Sound Solutions

Countrywide is committed to reducing the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills. We care for our planet.

We Recycle

Countywide offers recycling in order to convert as much waste as possible into reusable material.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our Core Values

We Achieve Efficiency

We understand that our customers have enough to deal with without the hassles of service that is anything less than professional. That is why we make it our business to make your business our own. Our efficiency is what brings our customers back time after time, job after job, month after month.

We Pursue Sustainability

Our efforts towards sustainability clearly recognize the difference one business can make in the future of our planet. Our cutting edge recycling programs and ecologically friendly services are as important to us as they are to you.

We Practice Honesty

It’s easy for a company to claim it is honest but at Countywide Carting, we actually live up to that claim. It is what brings our customers back to us time after time, and what brings us new customers as well. Our reputation is everything. Check us out, and you’ll see it’s true – honestly.

We Create Satisfaction

Customer service is what drives a business – either towards success or failure. At Countywide Carting, we aim to succeed and that means creating customer satisfaction by doing whatever it takes to make sure our customers are happy. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.