Industrial Compaction

Countywide offers a full range of compactor services. Compactors have the advantage of generating heavier waste loads thus reducing the amount of space required for waste storage and reducing costs through less frequent pick-ups.

Countywide offers customize and affordable plans to fit the exact needs of your business as well as a variety of sizes and styles of compactors. We will advise you on selecting the compactor and schedule that is right for your business. Choose from our stationary compactors which are bolted to the ground with the receiver box latched on to the ground unit. The full boxes are loaded onto our truck and replaced with a fresh, empty box. Our self-contained compactors are moveable and come all one piece. (These leak proof compactors are best suited for businesses such a s restaurants and hospitals)

  • Countywide is committed to promoting a clean and healthy environment for our community.
  • Countywide is committed to educating the community by providing appropriate and applicable information to all of our customers to encourage the reduction of waste.
  • Countywide guarantees safe and responsible collection and disposal of all waste.
  • Countywide offers continues to explore the newest technologies and services in order to save our customers money by providing the most efficient and economical collection, recycling and disposal of all waste materials.

Countywide Carting makes your drive for efficiency our drive as well.