Our reliability and exemplary customer service make garbage collection for residential homes including municipalities, building complexes, and condos smoother for everyone involved.

Our affordable services include general household garbage, yard waste, white goods, and heavy trash as well as recycling pick-up for your homes or municipality. Our uncomplicated recycling program is an important facet of our residential pickup services as well.

Countywide Carting makes your drive for efficiency our drive as well.

  • Countywide is committed to promoting a clean and healthy environment for our community.
  • Countywide is committed to educating the community by providing appropriate and applicable information to all of our customers to encourage the reduction of waste.
  • Countywide guarantees safe and responsible collection and disposal of all waste.
  • Countywide offers continues to explore the newest technologies and services in order to save our customers money by providing the most efficient and economical collection, recycling and disposal of all waste materials.