Industrial clients, including factories and manufacturing and processing plants can count on Countywide Carting’s exemplary service. Our efficient and reliable service is there when you need it, rising above industry standards in order to keep your industry on the rise as well.

We service all of your industrial company projects needs. Large or small, we guarantee competitive service plans as well as environmentally friendly solutions for your industrial projects providing the services and containers that we make sure fit your industrial needs.

Countywide service all industrial businesses in Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties Industrial clients, including factories and manufacturing and processing plants can count on Countywide’s exemplary service.


Countywide helps companies operate as a model green business while becoming more environmentally responsible at the same time. We provides e-scrap and universal waste handling and our innovative recycling programs will help your industrial interests not only save money but generate revenue as well through your recyclables.

  • Countywide is committed to promoting a clean and healthy environment for our community.
  • Countywide is committed to educating the community by providing appropriate and applicable information to all of our customers to encourage the reduction of waste.
  • Countywide guarantees safe and responsible collection and disposal of all waste.
  • Countywide offers continues to explore the newest technologies and services in order to save our customers money by providing the most efficient and economical collection, recycling and disposal of all waste materials.


  • Front Load Service offers the widest range of container sizes and options and up to six days per week for pick-ups.
  • Rear Load Service provides services for commercial customers with on-site restrictions.


  • Commercial Containers open, closed or compacted in all sizes and budgets ranging from 2 to 40 yards.
  • Dumpster Rentals sized for the job or special project.
  • Roll Off Service containers come in a number of sizes to fit commercial jobs and budgets of all sizes.

Countywide Carting makes your drive for efficiency our drive as well.