The Benefits of Trash Compactors

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As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to save money and increase profits.

One of the last things that you may have considered as a cost savings is a waste disposal system or waste compactor.

Not only does a trash compactor help you to dispose of trash safely, efficiently, and in a earth-friendly manner, there are real financial and operational benefits as well.

With proper installation of a waste compactor, your business can grow by saving costs, increasing its recycling efforts and maintaining a well-sanitized environment. A trash compactor is a practical investment for every business that is looking for a simple and compact way to get rid of waste.

Commercial Trash Compactors Offer Quick Paybacks

In addition to the Quick Investment Returns, Commercial Compactors can help:

  • Incredible Savings

    Compacting your trash helps save space, and this translates into money saved on hauling costs. By compacting your loose trash into a smaller volume, you can dispose of anywhere from 50%-90% more trash per pickup, lowering the number of waste hauling visits. This is a tremendous opportunity to reduce a necessary business expense.

  • Improve Productivity

    Countywide’s trash compactors are easy to use and require little maintenance, helping to streamline the waste process for your business. Countywide has equipment options that are suitable for a wide range of spaces. However, if your business needs something different, we can work with you to develop and custom-build equipment to fit your property and meet your municipal requirements. We ensure that each system is readily accessible to the merchants, tenants, housekeeping, or other staff who need to use it.

  • Go Green

    Today’s companies are expected to be green, and a comprehensive waste disposal system helps your business recycle more while saving space in landfills. Most recyclables are usually empty containers like plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. Saving these items for recycling takes up space, but by compacting them, recycling goals that make more of an impact are attainable.

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If you are considering adding a commercial waste compactor to your business, contact Countywide Carting and we can tell you about the different waste compactor options available and how they can benefit your business.

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